Dane County Pheasants Forever members are truly passionate about conservation and youth outdoor exposure and education. Get to know some of the Dane County Pheasants Forever Chapter members.


We welcome Alex as the new regional WI representative. We thank Doug Fendry who is now retired for his service and support.  Best of luck, Doug!

Our Team.



Noel Lambert - President
Ben DuCharme - Vice President
Don Wilde – Treasurer

Greg Curless - Past President


Board of Directors 

Joe Busche,  Dan Dresen, Ken Hellenbrand,   Duane Nolden,  Jon Meade,  Tim Schleeper, Steve Spaeni, Paul Hellenbrand, Wes Kieler,  Monica Spaeni, Dedra Matcha, Ray Anderson, Jeff Matcha, Jim Johanns, Jacob Smith, and Mark Valasky

Additional Services


Paul Hellenbrand

Habitat Chair


Wes Kieler

Banquet & Youth Chair

Monica (Kamal)  Spaeni

Social Media Chair

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